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When Backpacking (and Life) Goes Wrong

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I have done my fair share of backpacking over this past year and have learned A LOT since my very first overnight trip.  Every experience has been an absolute blast, that I just can’t seem to get enough. That is, until this past weekend at Ancient Lakes in Eastern Washington. Now, Ancient Lakes is a very easy trail, which is what makes this whole situation even more ironic.  There’s hardly…


Why Being Selfish is OK

Are you selfish?  Probably.  I know I am. Is being selfish always wrong? NO. The term “selfish” has a bad connotation, and sometimes rightfully so.  Part of the definition is “lacking consideration for others”.  But if you are one of those people that sometimes lacks consideration for others, then guess what!? You are normal!! I don’t particularly like to use the word “normal”, but for this instance I want to…



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