Why You Shouldn’t Go To Iceland

When you think “vacation”, I’m sure you are picturing blue skies, a blazing sun, sandy beaches, a Mai Tai in one hand, and if you’re me, a chicken wing in the other. So flying to an island south of the Arctic Circle, which starts with the word “ice” if you didn’t catch that, is out of the question, ESPECIALLY during winter.  I mean, how are you supposed to wear your bikini on a…


Why Being Selfish is OK

Are you selfish?  Probably.  I know I am. Is being selfish always wrong? NO. The term “selfish” has a bad connotation, and sometimes rightfully so.  Part of the definition is “lacking consideration for others”.  But if you are one of those people that sometimes lacks consideration for others, then guess what!? You are normal!! I don’t particularly like to use the word “normal”, but for this instance I want to…



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  • Me: 0, Upper Lip Sweat: 1 • #upperlipsweatqueen #virginiabeach #whysohot
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  • I have been feeling quite sad and somber lately over reading a lot of sad and heart-breaking news stories. But life doesn’t become any less fragile or fair because of our sadness, so in order to continue on we must learn how to face the demons all while embracing the beauty. Tell me, what is something beautiful happening in your life right now? • For me, I am working in Virginia for several months and getting to FINALLY “date” my boyfriend since he lives in Virginia Beach. It’s been almost a year and a half of long distance and this face-to-face time has meant the world to me. ✨✨ 📸: the wonderful and strong and amazing and powerful and beautiful @karenkwang & @mcwangerson • #virginiabeach #westcoastforlife
  • On this day, one year ago... • I left Big Bear, CA around 1pm and hiked 20+ something miles. My sleeping pad from @thermarest was still so big and squishy and I still strapped it to the top of my pack. As I continued hiking I switched up how I packed my gear many times until I got my system down. One year ago today I was on a blissful high. ☀️ #onthisday #onthisdayoneyearago

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