Why You Shouldn’t Go To Iceland

When you think “vacation”, I’m sure you are picturing blue skies, a blazing sun, sandy beaches, a Mai Tai in one hand, and if you’re me, a chicken wing in the other. So flying to an island south of the Arctic Circle, which starts with the word “ice” if you didn’t catch that, is out of the question, ESPECIALLY during winter.  I mean, how are you supposed to wear your bikini on a…


Why Being Selfish is OK

Are you selfish?  Probably.  I know I am. Is being selfish always wrong? NO. The term “selfish” has a bad connotation, and sometimes rightfully so.  Part of the definition is “lacking consideration for others”.  But if you are one of those people that sometimes lacks consideration for others, then guess what!? You are normal!! I don’t particularly like to use the word “normal”, but for this instance I want to…



  • Exactly two years ago this picture was taken while I was camping at Ancient Lakes in Washington. I was with some familiar faces and also met new people who are still my friends till this day. But this whole trip was honestly the worst. 🤣 The heat was unbearable and I got quite the sunburn, even though sunscreen was applied. I brought a dog with me who literally walked right through my new Nemo tent, leaving a massive, gaping hole for our night’s sleep. And my car broke down before I even got there and someone had to come pick me up. I had never been so glad to be done with a weekend like this one. But I am glad it happened. It showed me more ways how things can go wrong while outdoors and it honestly forced me to look at the positive things happening (i.e. meeting new friends), and to not be in an awful mood the entire time. Attitude is key, I tell ya. It’s not always easy to check yourself, but it’s usually always worth it.
  • One of my favorite days here in Virginia Beach. My time here is coming to an end and it’s definitely bitter sweet. But goodness gracious I can’t wait to get away from this awful, humid, heat. 🥵 Anybody else braving this East Coast heat wave? 😟 #virginiabeach #heatwave #getmebacktowashington
  • I want to hear about a time you were really proud of yourself. For me, it was when I walked 1,000 miles continuously. I may have not done it the fastest or with the most grace, but gosh darnit I did it. 🤣
  • ✨Lake Aloha✨
  • Take the selfie. And smile when you do. Please know it’s ok to save a moment in picture form of when you were happy. Alive. Free. Filled with satisfaction and pride for yourself. ⁣
Please know it’s ok to share that selfie with others, if you want. And I hope you know that you don’t have to look “your best”. Because we usually look our best when happiness is exuding from us. ⁣
So please take that selfie of you falling in love with yourself and share it with the world to let others know they can fall in love with themselves as many times as possible, too.
  • Thru-hiking makes you hawt. 🔥

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