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  • It won’t stop dumping in Washington. So the common sense thing to do is put on bikinis with your roommate @aerogt35 and go play in the snow. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
  • The first picture is me on my very first day of my very first long distance hike! I was SO excited and nervous and high on energy and disbelief that I was actually there. The second picture is me as a more seasoned thru-hiker who had already walked about 2,000 miles, who was more confident, but still just as happy as ever. And the final picture is me at the Northern Terminus. 
One obvious difference from the first picture to the rest is my pack size. (Is that construction paper in my side pocket? 🤔) Although I am an engineer, I am a complete free spirit who loves the adventure of the unknown and adapting to unfamiliar circumstances. The amount of research I did before starting my thru-hike was quite minimal. I was carrying close to 10 days of food, but thinking that was enough for 4 days, too many extra clothing items, and random misc items. I heard later on that several people were making fun of me and saying “I didn’t belong out there”. • But guess what? I did it. I made it from Mexico to Canada. But I did it because I adapted and as I became more experienced and confident, I trusted myself more and more and was able to rid my pack of unnecessary items that were like security blankets to me. A lot of people ask me what my base weight is and that information can be useful!! But to be honest, I don’t know. And I didn’t care. I gauged my pack weight by what felt good on my back and that first day and the days after were killer!! I had TOO much stuff and it was so hard on my body. But I didn’t quit like many thought I would. I adapted. And I made the necessary changes to be successful. 
If you are planning your very first thru-hike, please remember this. As long as you are ok with being uncomfortable and adapting, YOU WILL MAKE IT. People will doubt you and question you and criticize you but DO NOT listen to them. Focus on yourself and what feels good to you! I improved because I went from being clueless to becoming knowledgeable all through experience. No amount of blog posts or videos can prepare you for the actual experience of being on trail. 
Tell me, what has helped YOU successfully complete something that others or even yourself thought you couldn’t do?
  • Hiker trash over 13,000ft.
  • June 19, 2018 🌱 Forester Pass
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