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How I Am Preparing to Hike 2,650 Miles

​The most commonly asked question I get regarding my upcoming Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike is, “How are you physically preparing?” To answer, I always stare deeply into their eyes, let a few moments of silence pass us by, maybe even grab their hand, then respond ever-so-passionately, “Binge eating.”  And then I wink while blowing a kiss. Ok, maybe I don’t answer that dramatically, but the truth is that I am not really…

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Hiking + Backpacking Sticky

How To Start Backpacking (And Why You Should Try It)

Female travel blogger backpack - Jennifer Mabus

Backpacking is such a weird concept if you think about it.  You spend a bunch of money to basically become homeless for a chunk of time.  You don’t (typically) get to shower, use a toilet, or sometimes even eat hot food.  You sleep on the ground, you exert yourself to the point of exhaustion each day, you have no contact with “the outside world”, you have all sorts of bugs and insects…

Hiking + Backpacking Sticky

Severe Dehydration on the Trail and a Trip to the ER

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Well, I did it again friends! That’s right.  Another disastrous trip, back-to-back.  I would like to note that none of this is made up.  My life may seem like a joke, but it’s not.  It’s all definitely real. Some friends and I were backpacking Tuck and Robin Lakes.  Now what can go wrong in a place as beautiful as this? This trip was one of my friend’s first backpacking trips…

Hiking + Backpacking Sticky

When Backpacking (and Life) Goes Wrong

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I have done my fair share of backpacking over this past year and have learned A LOT since my very first overnight trip.  Every experience has been an absolute blast, that I just can’t seem to get enough. That is, until this past weekend at Ancient Lakes in Eastern Washington. Now, Ancient Lakes is a very easy trail, which is what makes this whole situation even more ironic.  There’s hardly…



  • Exactly two years ago this picture was taken while I was camping at Ancient Lakes in Washington. I was with some familiar faces and also met new people who are still my friends till this day. But this whole trip was honestly the worst. 🤣 The heat was unbearable and I got quite the sunburn, even though sunscreen was applied. I brought a dog with me who literally walked right through my new Nemo tent, leaving a massive, gaping hole for our night’s sleep. And my car broke down before I even got there and someone had to come pick me up. I had never been so glad to be done with a weekend like this one. But I am glad it happened. It showed me more ways how things can go wrong while outdoors and it honestly forced me to look at the positive things happening (i.e. meeting new friends), and to not be in an awful mood the entire time. Attitude is key, I tell ya. It’s not always easy to check yourself, but it’s usually always worth it.
  • One of my favorite days here in Virginia Beach. My time here is coming to an end and it’s definitely bitter sweet. But goodness gracious I can’t wait to get away from this awful, humid, heat. 🥵 Anybody else braving this East Coast heat wave? 😟 #virginiabeach #heatwave #getmebacktowashington
  • I want to hear about a time you were really proud of yourself. For me, it was when I walked 1,000 miles continuously. I may have not done it the fastest or with the most grace, but gosh darnit I did it. 🤣
  • ✨Lake Aloha✨
  • Take the selfie. And smile when you do. Please know it’s ok to save a moment in picture form of when you were happy. Alive. Free. Filled with satisfaction and pride for yourself. ⁣
Please know it’s ok to share that selfie with others, if you want. And I hope you know that you don’t have to look “your best”. Because we usually look our best when happiness is exuding from us. ⁣
So please take that selfie of you falling in love with yourself and share it with the world to let others know they can fall in love with themselves as many times as possible, too.
  • Thru-hiking makes you hawt. 🔥

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