My name is Jennifer Mabus and I currently reside in Seattle, WA and am OBSESSED with this city.  I just needed to make that clear.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and a former college cheerleader (Go NEVADA) and an avid backpacker and a blonde (partially natural although I will pretend I wasn’t born a ginger) and an addict to travel but also one who is fearful of flying and so on and so forth with all of the polar opposite characteristics.

I may be a bit tormented as I so desperately wanted to major in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, then go on to Law AND Med school because why couldn’t I be an engineer, mathematician, lawyer, and doctor?  Like is there a rule saying I can’t?  My bank account said I couldn’t but that’s not the point.

The point is that I am a curious soul.  I crave experiences and thus learning.  I fail a lot.  But I also laugh a lot.  And this blog will hopefully highlight some of my favorite moments.  However, some moments I will keep to myself because dynamics of some experiences change when shared.  It’s OK to put the phone down and not post everything to social media.  You may feel like a selfish individual for not letting people see how awesome your life is at all times, but try to soak in some moments alone and I promise I won’t rant like this anymore.

But these experiences I share with you will hopefully only enhance what the world already has to offer.  And I am here to help encourage you to go find it.  And to also help myself remember how I want to live life.  Let’s help each other?



PS – If you scrolled down this far, maybe you can help.  Is there an actual name for the fat that has no where to go so it gets squished in between your boob and armpit and creates problems when no problems needed to be created?  I mean, I don’t necessarily mind it but I just wish it would choose somewhere else to go so it could be more useful.  Like my derriere perhaps?  But not my cheeks (like the cheeks on my face).  I’ve already been told I have what looks like butt cheeks on my face (thanks, Mom) so that’s not an ideal spot.  Anyway, if you know the answer, please let me know.  I will not sleep until I get to the bottom of this.


  • **Second shirt design!!** To purchase one of these bad boys, click on the link in my bio to check out the different shirt styles and colors! • This design means a lot to me. I created this with @wildslice to resemble a woman holding her heart and examining the contents. The outdoors have changed me and my thoughts so much and in such a positive way, that the woman is holding everything dear to her: nature. The woman also has marigolds throughout her hair to reflect how marigolds are planted next to vegetables because the marigolds help the vegetables thrive. And it’s a reminder to be a marigold in this life and help yourself and others around you thrive and be a light to the world. I posted a new video update on my YouTube channel talking more in-depth about this design as well as my life since trail. I have definitely struggled with post-trail blues and the frustration that comes with going from solitude to over-stimulation. But I am excited to be focused again on saving and raising money for future adventures and continuing to make my life as full and meaningful as I can. 💜💜 #wildslice #wearbonfire
  • **So much excitement!** • I plan on doing 2 shorter thru-hikes this summer (still researching trails) and have teamed up with @bonfire to create 2 t-shirt designs in order to raise money for my hikes! This is one of the designs that you can order (link in bio) which came from my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike where I often said I had to “keep on keepin’ on” through all of the difficult times on trail. When you are doing something as daunting as a 2,650 mile thru-hike, sometimes the only way to continue walking is to put one foot in front of the other and not think about the huge mountain ahead. • I am wearing a small hoodie in the color Indigo. Thank you for all of your continued support and I cannot wait to share more adventures with you!! #wearbonfire
  • I finally filmed a video update for those who follow me on YouTube (stay tuned tomorrow 🤪) and I realized how awkward I am and how awkward it is to just sit there and talk to yourself. 🤣 But I feel like I am finally getting out of this rut I have been in. Post-trail blues is a real thing and something I thought I wouldn’t be affected by. But I have been a sad little pup. Now, I look happy and actually feel happy and excited and hopeful. Connecting with other hikers and making hiking plans has got me alllllll excited. WHAT TRAIL IS NEXT!? 🥾 🥾
  • Love these positive humans right here. 💜
  • Wow. What a wild few months. I took a much needed and refreshing social media break, and I decided tonight to finally read my unread messages and say hi. 🙋🏼‍♀️ And ironically, @outsidemagazine posted an article (which can be found on my Facebook page) that I completely forgot about and I happened to be featured! The day this photo was taken by @iantuttle, it was at Rainy Pass with only days to go until the Northern Terminus, officially ending my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Moments before this, I was getting soaked and soaked from Washington rain and pushing through one of the hardest mental battles on trail. I even joked with myself that I would hitchhike from Rainy Pass to Canada because I was so cold and so wet and my feet were blistered and wrinkly and I was honestly over it. But then there was this random dude (hi Ian!) who photographs for Outside Magazine and he wanted to take portraits of thru-hikers. I could only laugh because of course it was the day that I woke up drenched and stayed consistently drenched and was a hot hot hot mess. But this was me at one of my rawest moments on trail and it makes me so proud of that woman. • I have been working a lot and dealing with crazy allergic reactions that have led me in and out of urgent cares and not wanting to be physical at all and exploring new relationships and trying to focus on what I want my next steps of life to look like. Thank you to everyone who has kept sending me wonderful messages of support and love even when I was MIA!! It was SO wonderful. Talk soon, and happy trails. - Starburst 💜
  • Tonight I am guest speaking at the Olympic Mountain Rescue banquet and am excited to be around the badasses who are there to save us when there’s an emergency. Dang, I miss these kind of days where summitting peak after peak was a normal week.

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